Bridesmaid Robe Pattern

Bridesmaid Robe Pattern​

Bridesmaid Robe Pattern


This bridesmaids robe sewing pattern features half sleeves, front pockets, and a waist tie.

The bridesmaids robe is perfect for you and your maids to get ready in on the morning of your wedding. Make up a white version for yourself with a luxe silk satin neckband and beautiful floral versions for your maids.

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Printing Details:

Our Bridesmaid Robe Pattern can be printed on your home printer, or any printer that can print standard A4 sheets of paper.

We also provide an A0 sized option for printing at your local print shop, if preferred.

Simply print it at 100% scale, and use the scale box provided on Page 1 to ensure the printing has been done correctly.

If choosing to print the A4 file, once it has been printed, arrange the sheets of paper using the instructions provided, and tape together. The paper pattern is then ready to be cut.

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Since this is a digital download, there are no returns or exchanges. This Bridesmaid Robe Pattern​ is for personal use only, and not to be used for commercial purposes. This pattern cannot be resold, shared, or uploaded to other websites.

Our sewing patterns are written in English only, using US & UK sizing.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

No, there isn’t. All our bridesmaid dress patterns are delivered digitally immediately after purchase as a PDF that you can print, cut, and tape together at home to create the ready-to-use sewing pattern.

We deliver all our bridesmaid dress sewing patterns as PDF files.

Yes, all our bridesmaid dress patterns come with instructions. You will need to have a little sewing experience to successfully make your own bridesmaids dresses (we don’t go right back to basics).

Technically, yes you can since we provide them to you as a PDF. However, we’ve spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars creating and perfecting our designs, so would rather you not share them for free with others. Please refer them to our website so they can purchase their own patterns from us.